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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad mother!

I haven't posted for a YEAR!!!

Here's the big problem: as a chronically unorganized person, I thought a blog was the answer to my lack of baby books and various memorabilia. But now I've officially failed at keeping the blog, which makes me THE WORST MOTHER EVER. I will not let this be my legacy, so I plan to start over! (Heard this before?)

Here's a quick 2010 catch-up (since my last post, anyway)

Savannah turned one.

We went on a Spring Break vacation to San Diego.

We had two glorious weeks in Hawaii, one week on Oahu and one week on Kauai.

We went to Florida for Thanksgiving.

We went to Disneyland and Palm Springs after Christmas.

Milestones in 2010 were: Savannah started talking and walking("Mama" was her first word, no surprise there), Scarlett completely potty trained, Scarlett started pre-school, Savannah found her "attitude."

\ We also found out that we're expecting baby #3. Call us crazy, call us a drain on our planet's natural resources, but you can also call us DONE after this one is born!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Scarlett's birthday

Dear ol' blogger likes to do everything backward, so the pictures are in reverse order.
Scarlett's third birthday was at a local bouncy place. Yaaay for no parties at home!
The star of the show was the Minnie Mouse cake made by Auntie Shana. Everyone just oohed and aahed over it. Scarlett just wanted to eat it! (It was delicious, by the way!)

Savannah had too much fun, and fell asleep in Nana's arms

Presents!!! PRESENTS!!!

Ahhh... beautiful!

Uncle Jim, Aunt Alyssa and Lukie on the slide

Perfectly content with a small, half deflated basektbal. Ahh, if only it stayed this way forever!

Allll ready for the party!!!

New playhouse

Nana and Papa got Scarlett and Savannah a cool new playhouse for their birthdays! It's a good thing Daddy is great at putting these things together. Mommy would have let the box sit in the garage until the magic fairies came and put it together.

Pretty Girls

Trying to get two girls in their Sunday best to sit still for a picture is hard enough! Factor in smile and stay clean and you have yourself a Herculean task! So, this is what we have.

Ummm... Scarlett? What's so funny?

Savannah Violet

As my mom likes to say, Savannah is no milktoast! She's gone from the quietest baby you could ever imagine to an opinionated, feisty, near-toddler. She's a climber and she does not like ahving her stuff being taken away from big sister! Most of all, she's sweet, smiley and still has my heart in her tiny little fist.

At her 9 month apt, she was 19 lbs and I've forgotten her height. She was 40th percentile for weight and 70th for height. Tall and skinny. Haha. I wonder where she got that from, and that is certainly no sarcasm!

Climbing on the dinner table? The usual scene around here!

She's even cute when she sneers!

Savannah waking up Scarlett

When Scarlett naps, Savannah gets very restless. So when its time to wake big sissy up, she's on the job!
Note: These are probably pictures of Scarlett's very last nap. She gave them up right before her 3rd bday. Fun times for Mom. But I'm enjoying the 7:30 bedtime!

Scarlett the ballerina

It's a little like a bull in a china shop... or at least a little girl who thinks a "chause" is run really really fast in a circle. Uh oh... Scarlett's in ballet!